Artisan Spirulina Immersion Workshops 2019

When: July 15-18 or August 26-29, 2019
Where: Santa Fe Community College, 6401 Richards Avenue, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87508
Instructors: Nicholas Petrović , Apogee Spirulina,  Luke Spangenburg, Director, SFCC Biofuels Center of Excellence

This comprehensive four day course is a first of its kind Artisan Spirulina course. In this workshop students will get three days of hands on Artisan Spirulina farming, learning the French
cultivation method. Workshops are capped at 6 students.

The Spirulina portion of the course will be taught by Nicholas Petrovic, proprietor of Apogee Spirulina.
Algae industry, cultivation, technology and integration of environmental solutions will be taught by Luke Spangenburg, Director, SFCC Biofuels Center of Excellence.

Nic Petrovic is the proprietor and lead cultivator of Apogee Spirulina Microfarm located on the SFCC campus. He is the 2017 Winner Algae Industry Magazine 2017 Readers Poll, Algae Microfarm – Small Cultivation Facility. Apogee’s spirulina is sold at local farmers markets and online. Nic has trained in the French artisanal methods of spirulina farming and is applying his knowledge and expertise to the high desert climate of Santa Fe.

Luke Spangenburg is a nationally recognized leader in the Algae and Biofuels industry and for his collaborations with educational development programs. He has directed the Biofuels Center of Excellence since 2012. He is also the president of New Solutions Energy, a company dedicated to integrated bioenergy solutions and holds two patents for algal cultivation methods and systems. Luke’s knowledge of sustainable technologies, combined with his passion for the natural world, motivates all of his work.

While in Santa Fe, students will also be exposed to the multi award winning Trades and Advanced Technologies Center (TATC) departments of Controlled Environment Agriculture: Algae Cultivation and  Aquaculture Hydroponics; Biofuels Production; Solar Technologies; Water Treatment and Reuse. The TATC is an Algae Industry Magazine 2017 Readers Poll, Winner for Algae Cultivation Center.

A complete tour of the TATC will be provided during the course.

It’s a great time to visit Santa Fe! The weather is fantastic this time of year and many popular activities happen almost every weekend of the summer. Extend your stay and explore some of what Santa Fe has to offer.

Students will leave with a certificate of completion, an expansive flash drive with pertinent references, a list of preferred venders and a complete starter kit for your own spirulina production once you return home. Each day will consist of ½ day field work and ½ day lecture. As this is a working spirulina farm activities begin at 6:30am sharp Tuesday-Thursday.

Optional social activities will be planned throughout the week.

Nicholas lab
Nicholas Petrović, Apogee Spirulina.
Luke Spangenburg Apogee Spirulina
Luke Spangenburg, Director, SFCC Biofuels Center of Excellence.

Tentative Agenda

Day 1

  • 1pm Meet in room 819
  • Introductions
  • Lab Safety, Microscope Training and Spirulina Observation
  • TATC Facility Tour
  • Apogee Tour and Story
  • Day 2 Info

Day 2

  • 6:30am Coffee and Light Breakfast
  • Apogee Hands-on
  • 11am-Noon lunch followed by:
  • Spirulina Observation
  • History of Spirulina and its use in the Fight Against Malnutrition
  • Spirulina-Chemistry and Nutritional Analysis
  • Spirulina the Big Picture Industry, Products, New Developments
  • Day 3 Info

Day 3

  • 6:30am Coffee and Light Breakfast
  • Apogee Hands-on
  • 11am-Noon lunch followed by:
  • Spirulina Observation
  • Spirulina Health and Disease
  • Spirulina Water Quality/Nutrient Management
  • Future of Food
  • Day 4 Info

Day 4

  • 6:30am Coffee and Light Breakfast
  • Apogee Hands-on
  • 11am-Noon lunch followed by:
  • Regulations
  • Questions
  • Starter Kits
  • Flash Drives, Photos, Certificates of Completion

Class of 2018

Workshop Testimonials

I recently just completed the second annual spirulina workshop in Santa Fe.  First let me say that when I found out about Apogee Spirulina I was blown away to find out that a artisan spirulina farm existed here in the states!  I was constantly watching the website to see when the next workshop would be. I couldn’t wait!  And I wasn’t disappointed! First off the amount of information and hands on training provided is worth its weight in gold. And Nicholas is an amazing pioneer setting the way here in the states.  And shares everything he has learned. His struggles and his successes. You won’t find this anywhere else. I am so excited to have been part of this workshop, and feel confident with what I’ve learned, to be able to apply these techniques and information to start a spirulina farm!  Not only was Nicholas an amazing teacher but Luke was also amazing. Actually every member we would run into would openly share as much information as they possibly could. They really made it known how important it was for them, to have us students be successful with our endeavors moving forward! A great experience!

Rubin, future spirulinier 

I participated in the recent Artisan Spirulina Workshop in Santa Fe, NM.
It was a fascinating few days, filled with hands-on practical experience, plus lab work, and some necessary theory – deepening my knowledge of the myriad benefits of spirulina, and how it is cultivated.  Our group had a great vibe, and a great time while learning about spirulina cultivation – its rhythms, its requirements, and its challenges. Nick was most generous with his time and knowledge.
In addition to spirulina cultivation, which made up the bulk of the workshop, we explored the potential of other microalgae for food, biofuel, and various innovative applications. The Community College where the workshop took place was a hive of cutting-edge research, state-of-the-art equipment, and a focus on off-grid, resource-efficient technologies; which are a great passion of mine.

Many thanks, and highly recommended.
Janet D., Australia

I attended the first workshop for Apogee Spirulina held at Santa Fe Community College during the summer. I was greatly impressed with the teaching as well as the facility. We not only learned about the cultivation of the algae but also was given the opportunity to have hands on experience with the whole process of managing the algal culture and processing the finished product. The amount of knowledge that we received from the faculty was amazing. The fact that you have open access to all of their information and techniques is almost unheard of. In fact this has motivated me and other faculty members at my institution to begin new programs at my college. In addition to the Spirulina training we also received lectures and instructions on Aquiculture and Hydroponics. I initially planned to attend the workshop to learn just about algae cultivation for an algae to biodiesel project that we are starting at my college. But after attending the workshop it has expanded to encompass algae cultivation for food, biodiesel and a cross-campus aquiculture project. I would highly recommend signing up for future workshops. You will see that the possibilities are endless. I will be bringing my fellow faculty members to a workshop in the future.

Myron O. Perry, M.Sc.

I recently attended the first Artisan Spirulina Workshop with an Intro to Aquaponics and was extremely happy with the program and the dedicated, passionate people who taught all week. It is a very laid back, welcoming group of people who are all very knowledgeable about what they are teaching. Everything from the food served to the environment was great. The hands on experience was invaluable and has given me the motivation to go back and grow spirulina and build an aquaponics system in Chicago. I still have much to learn, but this was a fabulous, inspiring start !!!

Laurie Ouding RN, CLNC and future spirulina farmer