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  • Published: Jan 03, 2019
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Easy Green Spirulina Bread

There are lot’s of ways of getting spirulina into your everyday diet. For example: it’s amazing to bake with. It makes the dough look incredible!

1 1/2 cups (360 ml) warm water
3/4 Tbsp fast-acting yeast (~1 packet or 2 1/4 tsp)
2 Tbsp (30 ml) maple syrup, agave, or honey
1/2 tbsp salt
1 Tbsp Apogee Spirulina Crunchies, as they are, or soak them in water for a while for a more “green” looking bread
3 cups Whole-Wheat All-purpose Flour (mix in and replace some with for example quinoa flour or anything else you can think of)
2 Tbsp raw or roasted Sunflower seeds or Chia Seeds or Flax seeds

1. Combine warm water (110 degrees F / 43 C), yeast, maple syrup or sugar, salt, seeds and flours in a large mixing bowl. The result will be a sticky, rough dough. Use a spoon to stir until well combined and when it can no longer do the job, knead and turn it in the bowl with your hands. Add flour until the dough is no longer sticking to the sides.
2. Lift the dough out and lightly floured the bowl to prevent dough to stick. Cover and let rise for 1 hour at room temperature and/or 2 hours in the fridge.
3. Transfer dough to a lightly floured work surface and knead about 20 turns or until elastic. Form into a loaf-like shape.
4. Place seam-side down in a lightly greased loaf pan or baking sheet and sift a light coating of flour over the top to help keep the dough moist. Loosely cover with a towel and let rest for 45-60 minutes.
5. Preheat oven to 425 degrees F (218 C)* toward the end of the dough resting time and place a metal or cast iron pan on the middle oven rack.
6. When the oven is preheated, slash the bread 2 or 3 times with a knife, making a cut about ½-inch deep.
7. Bake the bread for 26 to 35 minutes, or until colored and risen.
8. Remove the bread from the oven and let rest in the pan for 5 minutes. Then carefully remove from pan and transfer to a cooling rack to cool. Let it cool completely before slicing for best results (otherwise it can be doughy in the middle).

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